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Isn't It Time To Feel Hopeful    Again?
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Couples & Relationhip Counseling

Are you and your partner:

  • Does it seem like that two of you just can't seem to communicate? 
  • Are you finding it difficult to trust or has your trust been broken?
  • Do you and your significant other keep having the same arguments?
  • Do you feel more like roommates than a couple?
  • Missing the passion in your relationship?
  • Wondering whether the two of you are going to last?

I work with couples in re-establishing the connection that brought them together; strengthen their emotional bond; increasing trust, acceptance and understanding: and creating lasting strategies to love their life together.

Infertility Hope Counseling

Are you one of the 1 in 8 couples experiencing difficulty in conceiving a child?

  • Are feeling alone in all this or like you have no one to talk to?
  • Has intimacy become stressful work?
  • Is it creating stress in your relationship, finances or self-worth?
  • Feeling like less of a man or woman?
  • Are you tired of dealing with people ask you when you are going to have a child?
  • Are you at a loss for how to help or deal with your partner through this process?

If so, you are not alone. I teach strategies for dealing with your and your partner's emotions, managing your stress and assist you in making informed decisions regarding the choices that are best for you and your partner as you navigate through the world of infertility. 

Call or email me today for your free phone consultation.